We are value-focused, long-term investors and deploy the best of private equity principles in the listed equity space through:

Acting as an engaged shareholder with long-term focus

Acquiring sizeable minority stakes in listed businesses that have an attractive business model but which are trading significantly below their intrinsic value.

Taking a
collaborative approach

Working collaboratively with our portfolio companies’ Board of Directors, management and other shareholders to unlock value.

Alignment with leading asset managers

Our model has been complimentary to traditional institutional asset managers since our inception and we have become a trusted business partner.

Championing effective and responsible governance

We strive to enhance effective corporate governance and believe that strong and well-functioning boards are a significant competitive advantage.

Leveraging the knowledge of industry experts

We work extensively with industry experts both within management and on boards, and actively seek external experts from South Africa and abroad.

The key principles driving VCP's
investment strategy include: