Value Capital Partners ("VCP") is an investment company which holds minority positions in listed companies and acts as an engaged shareholder in those entities to drive maximum returns for all stakeholders through shareholder activism, good governance and alignment of incentives.

Value-focused, concentrated, and active investment style

Certified B-BBEE Level 1 rated

Private Equity Heritage

VCP commenced operations in October 2016 as the first mainstream activist investment firm or engaged shareholder in the South African market.

Our leadership team has made over 100 investments across ten fund life cycles.

Long Term Partnership

We invest for the long term - our goal is to leave companies in a better position than when we first invest.

By deploying our directors to the boards of our portfolio companies, we work collaboratively alongside management to unlock value for all stakeholders.

Focus on Value Unlock

Our role on boards has created a differentiated investment skillset.

We are committed to the long-term and sustainable success of our portfolio companies and have established a track record of supporting our portfolio companies at critical junctures.